Dave Barry Guys Vs. Men Essay

In the short reflection, “Guys vs. Men,” Dave Barry examines the differences between guys and men in a humorous passage that confronts many societal stereotypes about gender roles. Barry explains the difference between a “man” and a “guy,” although he admits that even he is not sure of what it really means to be a “guy.” Guys, he says, are not concerned with details or re-arranging furniture; they like to play with complex and elaborate things to occupy themselves. Guys are also relentlessly competitive creatures, and they strive to be the best at whatever they do. It does not matter if the contest in question is completely pointless and irrelevant; guys still have to outdo one another. Many of the greatest inventions and technological advancements in history have come from the essential nature of men and their desire to perform as well as possible. In addition to outdoing each other in physical competitions, guys also must outdo each other when it comes to other manly things, such as trucks or computers.

Even though the truck or computer a guy currently owns may be more than adequate for his needs, he will unavoidably upgrade to a bigger and better model within a few years. Women often do not understand why men act the way they do, and the same is true regarding the man’s view of women. The passage’s purpose is to send out the idea that there is a difference in being a “man” and a “guy.” Barry wants people to understand the nature of guys even though it is impossible to understand. The audience is most likely people who enjoy humor. I’m sure Barry doesn’t care whether men, guys, women, or ladies read this. If the female sex reads “Guys vs. Men,” then I’m sure Dave Barry’s intention for the female reader is to clarify a few things on why guys do the things they do. The passage is very clear and somewhat descriptive. It explains and brings in stories outside the main topic.

It uses some metaphorical content including the part where he compares guys to his dog Zippy and how both if they get the right opportunity will poop on the floor. It is organized just enough to make and keep it entertaining. Some people may say it is kind of all over the place but I would disagree. It isn’t really a story so there isn’t a setting or any character development. Characters are mention but not enough to “develop” them. The context is very understandable, informative, and presents a clean argument. Barry uses easy grammar. Easy enough for any “guy” to understand, but I’m sure “men” would say that it isn’t “smarticle” enough. Overall, I think Dave Barry chose a very interesting topic and I would agree with his idea of what it’s like to be a “guy.”

sMichelle Her
English 101
April 10, 2013
Guys vs. Men Reflection
Thesis: In Dave Barry’s Guy vs. Men reflection article, he reflects on the behaviors and characteristics of Manhood. He creates a humorous satire on the subject of men, combining stereotypes and the everyday habits of males.
  A. The inseparable boy and his toys. (Boys and their toys)
  B. The childish challenges between the male species.
  C. The simple minded ways of the male moral code.

Michelle Her
English 101
April 11, 2013
Guys vs. Men
“One of the major characteristics of guyhood is that we guys don’t spend a lot of time pondering our deep innermost feelings.” This statement stated in “Guy vs. Men” reflection article represents the epitome that men are flawed. Focusing on explaining what makes a human male “guys” compared to “men”. In “Guys vs. Men”, Dave Barry humorously engages his readers to view males as he views them. “Guys vs. Men” is full of gender based generalizations but is done in a humorous and tactful manner.
“In other words, this computer is absurdly overqualified to work for me, and yet soon, I guarantee, I will buy an even more powerful one. I won't be able to stop myself, I'm a guy.” The temptation to buy the newest installment of technology and goods seems too good for a guy to resist. According to Dave Barry, the urge to have the newest and latest results in Star Wars, the recreational boating industry, monorails, nuclear weapons, and wristwatches that indicate the phase of the moon. He begins to explain that guys enjoy things that are unnecessary to have and perhaps a bit over the top but they are things that make them happy and keep them entertained. He connects these urges to the females urge to rearrange furniture.
“And I thought to myself: This is ridiculous. These are middle-aged guys, supposedly adults, and they're out there bragging about their performance in this stupid juvenile footrace. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore.” Barry...

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