Mass Effect 3 Assignments List

Missions are quests that advance the main storyline in Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. The list contains all of the missions available within the game, and indicates how their names will change as the story progresses. Click on the links below for detailed walkthroughs.

Note: Most mission names below are linked to the relevant section of the walkthrough rather than their own pages. Because of the intertwined nature of most missions, the link may not lead to a section specifically about the mission name but you will certainly find relevant information.

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For an alphabetical list of missions see Category:Missions; for locations see Category:Mission Locations.

Mass Effect Edit

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Missions are listed mostly in the order they are received although some of the name updates happen after you receive another mission. Note that these missions are listed as the initially appear in the Journal, the names of missions do change as the game progresses.

→ Feros: The Thorian → Feros: Colony Saved | Feros: Colony Gone
→ Virmire: Assault
→ Race Against Time: Sovereign
→ Race Against Time: Conduit
→ Race Against Time: Final Battle

Mass Effect Galaxy Edit

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The following missions represent the plot progression of the game Mass Effect Galaxy. They are sorted by order even if you can sometimes choose via the Galaxy Map which missions you prefer to start.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

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Plot missions Edit

These are the missions corresponding to the main story line, in time order (considering the earliest time you can acquire them). To clarify the time line, the main "Stop the Collectors" mission has been divided into its different sub-parts, as they appear when developing it in the Journal.

→ Prologue: Awakening
→ Stop the Collectors: Defeat the Collectors
→ Collector Base: Infiltration
→ Collector Base: The Long Walk

Dossier missions Edit

The Illusive Man provides Commander Shepard with several leads on potential teammates.

Available after completing Freedom's Progress:

Available after completing Horizon:

Loyalty missions Edit

Loyalty missions may be skipped. This will not hinder the progression of the main story line. However, you should be aware that doing this could seriously impact the performance of your team and alter the final outcome.

Optional missions Edit

→ Illium: Liara: The Observer

Downloadable Content Edit

Mass Effect 3 Edit

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Plot Missions Edit

Missions are listed in the order they are received. The "Priority" missions in this list are mandatory to complete the game; of the two pairs preceding Priority: Tuchanka and Priority: Rannoch you need only complete one of each pair.

Galaxy at War Missions Edit

None of the following missions are required to complete the game, although they will significantly increase your military preparedness for the final battle.

Downloadable Content Missions Edit

Mass Effect 3: From Ashes

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

Mass Effect 3: Omega

Mass Effect 3: Citadel

Mass Effect: Infiltrator Edit

See also: Mass Effect: Infiltrator Guide

Plot Missions Edit

Bonus Missions Edit

Not too long after you add Jaal to your crew roster in Mass Effect: Andromeda, Liam will come up with the brilliant idea of having a movie night to boost team morale. While it sounds like an easy enough request, the rest of your crew will make their own additions — snacks, better snacks, drinks and a sound system — before you can actually get around to watching the movie. And each request adds a new mission to the series. Nothing is ever simple with this crew.

There’s nothing difficult about any one of these missions — they’re all retrieval quests. What makes this mission a pain is getting to the part where your crew actually asks you to help. You have to exhaust every dialogue option with each of the crew members to open up the next mission in the series. And the game doesn’t give you any hints about who has the next request.

How to get your crew to talk about movie night

Before any of the rest of the crew will ask you to help them prepare for movie night, you’ll have to exhaust their dialogue options. This just means that you have to ask about everything that comes up in their dialogue wheel at least once. You’ll have to repeat the same process for every crew member in this list of missions.

Sometimes, they’ll have other things to say first — things about recent missions, for example — and the movie night option won’t come up. Just say goodbye, then go right back to them. If they still don’t ask, you might not be far enough along in the main missions to trigger their movie night request. We’ll put a note at the beginning of each mission about where you need to be.

Also, the missions are only given to you in the order below. You won’t be able to help Vetra until you’ve finished with Suvi, and so on down the line. So we’re going to put the crew member in parentheses after the mission name to help you figure out who to talk to next.

Movie Night: Getting Started (Liam)

Liam will come up with his plan after you’ve added Jaal to the crew and visited Aya — so, after “A Trail of Hope.”

  • Get a movie library dowload from the Nexus. This one is easy enough. You just have to toggle the mission, and follow your HUD to the terminal near Nexus Operations. (It’s over by where you view security footage.)
  • Return the movie library to Liam on the Tempest. Just go talk to Liam on the ship. (He’ll say he’ll get back to you, but he’ll never bring it up again.)

Movie Night: Snacks (Suvi)

After you complete “A Trail of Hope” and get the movie library from the Nexus for Liam, Suvi will come up with her plan for snacks.

  • Find a plant on Aya for Suvi. The general goods merchant in Aya’s market sells the plant. The quickest way to find it in her inventory is to tab over to the special items all the way to the right. (You’ll do this for every item you retrieve in the rest of these missions.)
  • Return the plant to Suvi on the Tempest.

Movie Night: Better Snacks (Vetra)

After Suvi tries to make her snacks and after you’ve been to Kadara during “Hunting the Archon,” Vetra will start doubting Suvi’s culinary abilities.

  • Procure snacks from Kadara Port. Vetra’s not on board with Suvi’s snack choice, but she’s got a line on some popcorn (and graxen). You’ll buy these from the mods merchant in Kadara’s market.
  • Return the snacks to Vetra on the Tempest.

Movie Night: The Right Setup (Jaal)

After you complete “Hunting the Archon,” Jaal will come up with a way to make movie night more enjoyable for him.

  • Obtain components from the Aya Market. Back to Aya, and to the same general goods merchant.
  • Return the components to Jaal on the Tempest.

Movie Night: Raise a Glass (Lexi)

After “The Journey to Meridian” is complete, Peebee and Drack will, apparently, start distilling some “bathtub hooch” for movie night and that will worry Lexi. She wants something better, and guess who gets to go buy it for her.

  • Buy asari liquor on the Nexus. You’re looking for the general merchant in the back right corner of the docking bay.
  • Return the asari liquor to Lexi on the Tempest.

Movie Night: The Final Piece

After you give Lexi her booze, she’ll point you to Liam to ask when we’re going to finally get around to movie night. But Liam doesn’t think the archive you got him is good enough anymore, so he’ll ask you to go get an even better movie.

  • Locate the movie on Kadara. You’re heading back to the mods merchant in Kadara Market.
  • Return the movie to Liam on the Tempest.
  • Call the crew together from the Pathfinder’s quarters. After you give Liam the movie, head to your quarters to trigger the finale of these missions. It’s mostly cutscenes with a couple interactive bits thrown in. Just enjoy the show.
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