How To Write An Expository Essay For High School Students

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Prepare to write expository essays by learning and practicing a "piling" categorization method

Questions to Consider

  • What can you learn from Ms. Fansler's "baby steps" approach to writing?
  • What is the purpose of the "thematic piling" strategy?
  • How does the teacher make this strategy relevant to students?

Common Core Standards


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List Of Fifteen Expository Essay Topic Ideas For High School Students

The expository style of writing or explanatory style is used to teach students how to explain or inform the reader about their topic of interest. This writing piece should not be opinionated but instead should present factual evidence about the topic at hand and allow the reader to develop an understanding of the topic based on what is being written.

Here is a list of fifteen potential topic ideas that will provide material for this assignment for any high school student project.

  1. Choose any person in the world whom you admire and describe why you admire them

  2. Pick an animal that you would like to become for just one day and describe why you chose that particular animal and what you want to experience

  3. Pick a day in the past or the future that you would like to travel to if it were possible to travel through time

  4. Describe the best book you have ever read and tell why it was your favorite

  5. Tell how your favorite teacher has influenced your time in school and what characteristics make them important to you

  6. Talk about your favorite place to go shopping and what makes that store the best

  7. Tell who your favorite musical artist or composer is and why you enjoy their work

  8. Compare the different styles of music and tell which one you feel is the most enjoyable to listen to

  9. Describe a day you spent with your family and tell why this day was memorable

  10. Talk about your best friend and why your relationship with them is important

  11. Describe your pet and why that pet is an important part of your family and life

  12. Talk about your favorite hobby and why you enjoy this activity

  13. Describe your parents and how they have influenced your life and the way you do things each day

  14. Describe your favorite subject in school and why you enjoy that particular course

  15. Describe your favorite automobile and why you like that particular style of transportation

The most important part of this style of writing and what the instructors will be looking for in the final composition is how you develop the reason for your choices. Each of these topics will allow you to present an argument for your choice and provide great topics for an expository essay.

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