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Digital Media is about communicating information. This means that Digital Media employers are going to want to make sure you know how to communicate well.

No matter what kind of work you want to do in Digital Media, you'll require a high-quality cover letter and résumé that demonstrate your qualifications and experience.

Make sure your letter supplies information so you can be reached easily.

Your name
Your address
City, province/territory Postal code
Telephone: (area code) phone number
Your email address


Address your cover letter to the hiring manager by name, spelled correctly, even if it means a phone call to the company. Employers are interested in candidates who show initiative.

Their name
Their job title
The company name
City, province/territory, postal code

Dear name,

Indicate the specific position you're applying for.

I am pleased to apply for the position of Assistant Digital Media Project Manager as advertised on (insert name of website).

I am familiar with your products, particularly your web-based applications and would love to work for (insert company name), which has successfully developed and marketed products in the competitive Canadian marketplace.

Tell the employer why you would be a strong candidate for the job.

As my attached résumé demonstrates, I have a strong background in writing and an extensive knowledge of computers, Internet research and web design. I am particularly interested in making the Internet more accessible to the average user and believe that my communication skills and interests would make me a strong candidate for the position.

State briefly your qualifications for the position.

I would be pleased to review my qualifications in more details with you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Request an interview and say that you will follow up with a phone call.

Yours truly,

Your name

Cover Letter Tips

  • Be brief and make every word count.
  • Tailor your approach to the organisation you are looking at. Is it a traditional-type business or a next-generation studio environment?
  • Produce an error-free document. Show your attention to detail and avoid the shredder!
  • Be patient and persistent. Aim to get feedback on your CV and approach through your contacts.

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Artist Cover Letter

Artists create works of art using multiple media. Examples of media they employ include painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, film, and performance. Based on our collection of resumes for Artists, typical activities include generating and developing ideas, building pieces of work, and maintaining portfolios. Besides creating pieces of art, these professionals also need to handle deadlines, safety procedures, supplier relationship, research, publicity, financial planning, funding, and networking.

A sample cover letter for Artist should showcase the following qualifications:

  • Artistic talent
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Determination and perseverance
  • Research abilities
  • Working independently and as part of a team
  • Stamina and being able to work irregular hours
  • Networking abilities
  • Financial planning
  • Self-promotion

Below is provided a cover letter example displaying comparable skills.

For more information on what it takes to be an Artist, check out our more complete Artist Job Description.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Artist Resume Samples.

Venice D. Stephenson
HR Manager
Bird Nest Design

Dear Ms. Stephenson:

Conceptual innovation, a robust work ethic, and creative portfolio management are all essential components to success in the art world. As a skilled professional with experience driving the development and completion of various successful artistic and design projects, I am positioned to make a significant impact within your organization as Bird Nest Design’s next Artist.

My background includes driving the design of forward-thinking artistic projects and services for a variety of clients. With expertise in diverse mediums such as pen-and-ink, painting, and sculpture, as well as proficiency in a variety of art / design software applications, I am confident that my talents will significantly benefit Bird Nest Design.

Highlights of my experience include…

  • Overseeing artistic material design, creation, tone, and final execution to capture viewer interest while ensuring projects are completed on target and on deadline.
  • Remaining up-to-date on current art trends and technical tools; leveraging innate passion for art and design to achieve success.
  • Demonstrating excellent originality, creativity, networking, and communication talents.
  • Possessing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Rhode Island; professional training in Adobe Creative Suite.

With my keen ability to evolve and complete conceptual art projects, combined with my steadfast commitment to top-notch artistic quality and production, I am prepared to excel in providing outstanding service to your company. I look forward to discussing the position and my qualifications in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.


Minnie J. Bryant

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