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Task 3

Making difficult decisions is a part of life

We face decisions everyday, we decide what to wear in the morning, what to eat for breakfast, how to get to school, the list goes on and on. But sometimes we have to make decisions that mean a lot more, that have consequences no matter what you choose and that can effect the people around you. In this text I am going to present two films where the characters have hard decisions to make.

Billy Elliot is a film about Billy, an 11-year-old boy who lives with his father, brother and Nan (grandmother). The film takes place in “Everington” in the UK, from 1984 to 1985 which was in the middle of the UK miners strike. The main conflict of the film is that Billy wants…show more content…

He manages to convince his his father that they will find another way to pay for the school, and so Billy´s father goes back with his son to continue the strike.

This is a very powerful scene in the film. You can see how much pain Billy´s father is in, he really feels rotten for betraying all his friends and colleagues. When Tony begs his father not to go, you can see how hard it is on him, so you really do understand him when he decides not to go. In the end they manage to scrape the money together, all the miners on strike pitch in so that Billy´s father wont have to go back to work. But I imagine that if they had not found another way, Billy´s father would have gone down to the Pit to get the money for Billy. No matter how hard it would have been for him.

Moulin Rouge is a film about Satine, a prostitute who works at The Moulin Rouge in Paris. Her dream is to get out of the place, but she has no money and has no option but to work there. That is until she meets The Duke. A wealthy and powerful man who is willing to pay for her to become an actress and turn The Moulin Rouge into a theatre, if he can have her as his own. She would have leapt at the opportunity at once, had it not been for Christian, who she fell in love with after her agreement with The Duke. She knows that if she leaves with Christian, she will betray all her friends at The Moulin Rouge by leaving them with nothing, but she also knows that

Describe the most difficult decision you have made and its personal effect on you.

The above question reminds of the month of November 2007 when I was entrusted with the task of further driving efficiencies in my department. Our company had (and continues to maintain) a strong reputation for manufacturing premium quality electric motors. However, changing market conditions in 2007 resulted in increased pressure on pricing. As a result, the focus was on achieving the required production at reduced operating costs.

Rotors are crucial components of such industrial motors and my department was responsible for their precision manufacturing. Once produced, these rotors would undergo a separate “Quality inspection” stage which consumed almost 20% of the total production time. I realized we could reduce this time and associated costs if operators in my team could “self-inspect” each of their assigned units.

In theory, the idea was very workable. However, it success was dependent on the response and attitude of my 25-strong workforce and the inspection team. The new alignment would result in the transfer of the inspection personnel to other divisions and alter the work profile my 25-strong production team. In a strongly unionized industrial setting, this change required very careful consideration.

My first reaction was to assess the risks and opportunities associated with this operation. I also sought the counsel of my seniors who, in my opinion, mentored me in the best possible way: I was given extensive inputs on organizing the changes; however the final decision had to be mine!

I went ahead with a two-pronged approach. Firstly, the production team was trained on various self-inspection methods. As this production team gained a foothold on these tasks, we conducted a series of meetings with the inspection team. I had individual and team meetings to clarify the intent: (1) There was no possibility of retrenchment since we valued the skills and abilities (2) The ongoing changes were for the overall win-win between the corporate goals (efficiency and reduced costs) and personnel since the inspection team would now be handling other important manufacturing tasks that had evolved with time.  The initial discomfort and insecurity was displaced with agreement as the meetings gradually bore fruit.

In less than 3 months, we achieved a 1-day reduction in production time and savings equivalent to the salaries of 3 Full-Time Employees (who have now grown in various other production units). In September 2008, I received a Merit Reward for the accomplishment.

The project brought home the fact that decision making is mainly dependent on the ability to take responsibility and retain balance. I could take charge of a “risky” change primarily because I was willing to bring it to successful fruition and solve all the problems that came in the way.  I also realized the wisdom of my seniors in allowing me the “take the final call”. It was this approach that enhanced my confidence – both as a person and as a professional.

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