Ha 415 Unit 8 Assignment

HA 415 Unit 6 Discussion Board PostHealthcare systems are huge, complex, and constantly changing as they respond to economic, technological, social, and historical factors. The availability of technology has a profound effect on the health care costs and the availability of medical care. Local, stateand national policy makers have an impact on these systems. Explain what you would do to encourage and increase technological advances and availability and try to decrease costs for all the stakeholders involved.Prof and class, In order to encourage and increase technological advances and ability and to try to decrease costs for all the stakeholders involved, I would first come up with a plan. This plan would include technology needed to improve healthcare and the longterm cost reduction due to the new technology, while estimating how much education needed would also be included (Hughes, n.d.). I think all healthcare facilities should have EHR to keep everything up to date and easier to access. In

ScenarioImagine that you are a hospital administrator speaking to a stakeholder group of people in your community about market failures and the role of government and address complex healthcare policies so they will understand how beneficial healthcare policy is created. Government intervention is based on the special interest or public interest theories. The public interest theory focuses on efficiency in the market and the special interest theory levels the playing field in the legislative marketplace.Question 1. 1. In a supply and demand model, what is the effect of a fee-for service third party price ceiling on Physician services? (Assume stakeholders in the audience have full health insurance) (Points : 12) The quantity demanded will exceed the quantity supplied and a shortage of physician services will be created.The price of physician services will increase.Supply and demand will not apply after the price ceiling is imposed.The demand curve for physician services will become kinked.Question 2. 2. Speaking to the stakeholder group you explain The Sherman Antitrust Act has been interpreted as prohibiting anticompetitive business practices in health care. Which of the following is NOT one of those business practices the act prohibits? (Points : 12)

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