General Surgery Essay Questions


c.A 30 year old female comes with right cervical node enlargement and palpable liver. Discuss management.d.A 20 year old Indonesian maid has low grade fever with loss of weight.On examinations a few discrete lymph nodes are detected in the rightcervical region. Discuss management.e.A 50 year old female comes with painless palpable left axillary group of nodes.There is loss of weight and fever. Discuss management.4.


a.Clinical features of carcinoma breast. Discuss spread. Discussmanagement of T4N1 M0 lesion in premenopausal lady. b.Lymphatic drainage of breast, clinical features and management of T2N0M0 case.c.Management of stage I to Stage IV breast carcinomas.5.


a.A 40 year old male comes with a painful tender right groin swelling. Theswelling was previously reducible. Discuss evaluation and management. b.A 50 year old female with diabetes mellitus had hysterectomy 4 years ago.She now has a sometimes painful but reducible swelling beneath the scar.Discuss causes and management.6.


a.A 30 year old male presents with trismus. He gives history of trauma toleft foot few days ago. Discuss management.

SHORT NOTES:Inflammation :

 Nosocomial InfectionsCold AbscessPelvic AbscessTB PeritonitisCarbuncleGas GangreneMeconium peritonitisAcute abscessTB LymphadenitisAcute lactational mastitisWet gangrene and managementPrinciples of treatment of peritonitis.Clinical features of peritonitis.Mesenteric adenitis.

Stephanie Koonce

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Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

TrueLearn General Surgery was a great adjunct to reviewing for the ABSITE. The questions were extremely similar in format to the actual exam questions. I would absolutely use TrueLearn General Surgery again and will be recommending it to the other residents.

Motaz Qadan


Stanford University Medical Center

I discovered TrueLearn in my last year of residency, and wish it had existed throughout. The content is current, accurate, and reflects the most up-to-date examination format as specified by the American Board of Surgery. The interface resembles the actual examination nearly identically, and the content is amazingly on par with real test questions. At last, a formidable question bank that will soon be established as the gold-standard for the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination.

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TrueLearn was an extremely valuable tool that I used yearly to prepare for the ABSITE during my residency. The questions are very similar in structure to the real exam, sometimes almost word for word. The content is spot on, and the question explanations are excellent with sources cited. I was able to achieve an average score of 93rd percentile over my 5 years taking the exam, 2 of the years scoring 98th percentile. A big contributing factor was using TrueLearn as part of my exam prep. I would recommend it to anyone, and I have done so many times. It's by far the best question bank for ABSITE prep that I've come across.

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