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Defining Honesty Essay

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Defining Honesty Winston Churchill once said, "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." Everyone has in mind that honesty is being truthful in everything. Honesty is the most important thing a person should possess. He should adhere to till his death. Then People will respect one and the feelings of that are priceless. An honest person is the richest person in the world. He does not have to worry about anything or lie because the truth is the truth.

The dictionary defines honesty as "moral uprightness: the quality, condition, or…show more content…

An honest person respects others. Another meaning of honesty is in this context, "In all honesty, I really didn't know." It reflects truthfulness, candor, or sincerity.

Honesty is classified as a noun in part of speech. Honesty has many similar meanings; such as uprightness, morality, trustworthiness, goodness, scrupulousness, decency, rectitude, righteousness, fairness, reliability and honor. These synonyms are all equal to truth. The meaning of honesty in this essay is applied about truth. An example of is could be that Jen is an honest person in the world, she never lies, respects others, and when she is tempted to cheat on her test, she overcomes with her power of honesty. This fits the definition about truthfulness in everything.

There is also another different meaning of honesty, such as plants with flat papery seed pods: a hardy European plant with purplish or white flowers and flat silvery seed pods that are often used for indoor decoration. Its' Latin name is Lunaria annua. It also called silver dollar, money plant, and satin flower. This meaning is totally different than average people know about the honesty. Normally people won't think honesty as a plant-related thing. Many would be surprised by this definition. 'How many would go and say honesty is a beautiful plant?'

There can't be a society without any honest people, because that society would

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Honesty cannot be only a policy. It can be a principle. There is a difference between policy and principle. A policy changes. You change a policy when it does not pay. But a principle does not change. You do not and cannot change a principle even if it causes loss.

Can honesty, then, be only a matter of policy?

No. Honesty is the best of wealth. The reward of honesty is honesty itself, for there is nothing better than honesty. Character is the crown of life and honesty is the crown of character itself. No one can be good or great without truth and honesty. So, all great men have always led an honest life.

Honesty is necessary for real happiness. A dishonest man may cheat the whole world but how can he cheat his own soul? A dis­honest person is always in fear of something. This sense of fear cannot give him rest. An honest man may be poor. He may have to lead a hard life. But still he is happy.

But today almost everybody is dishonest. Honesty does not give wealth and power. Honest persons have to suffer a lot. But dishonest persons have become very rich and powerful. Dishonesty, and not honesty, has become their policy. But it never means that dishonesty is better than honesty.

Even dishonest persons claim that they are honest. What does it prove? It proves the greatness of honesty. Who can hide the sun of honesty? The cloud of dishonesty may hide this sun for some time. But can a cloud hide the sun forever?

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