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Boys and girls may learn differently, but American parents should think twice before moving their children to sex-segregated schools. A new Tel Aviv University study has found that girls improve boys’ grades markedly at school.

“Being with more girls is good for everybody,” says Prof. Analia Schlosser, an economist from the Eitan Berglas School of Economics at Tel Aviv University. “We find that both boys and girls do better when there are more girls in the class.” She investigated girls and boys in mixed classrooms in the elementary, middle, and high-school grades of the Israeli school system.

In an unpublished paper, Prof. Schlosser concluded that classes with more than 55 percent of girls resulted in better exam results and less violent outbursts overall. “It appears that this effect is due to the positive influence the girls are adding to the classroom environment,” says Prof. Schlosser. She carried out the study while on a post-doctoral fellowship at Princeton University, and will study the effects of gender in higher education lecture halls next.

This is one of few studies of its kind to use scientific data to address the question of gender effects in school.

The Report Card

Boys with more female peers in their classes show higher enrollment rates in both advanced math and science classes, but overall benefits were found in all grades for both sexes.

Prof. Schlosser found that primary-school classrooms with a female majority showed increased academic success for both boys and girls, along with a notable improvement in subjects like science and math. In the middle schools, girls were found to have better academic achievement in English, languages and math. And in high school, the classrooms which had the best academic achievements overall were consistently those that had a higher proportion of girls enrolled.

An Educated Guess

A higher percentage of girls lowers the amount of classroom disruption and fosters a better relationship between pupils and their teacher, a study of the data suggests. Teachers are less tired in classrooms with more girls, and pupils overall seem to be more satisfied when a high female-to-male ratio persists.

Prof. Schlosser was inspired to the study by a “renewed interest on the effects of classroom gender composition on students’ learning, since a new amendment to America’s Title IX regulations gives communities more flexibility in providing single-sex classes and schools.”

Prof. Schlosser concludes that American educators should reconsider the effects of the new trend of same-sex segregation on different sectors of society. Gains for girls from classroom gender segregation could be offset by the loss of boys.

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  • Boys and girls learn differently.

    Research have found that kids achieve higher results in single sex classes than in co ed classes.

    Boy's and girl's brains do function in different ways, so they learn very differently. Girls are more passive learners, they are usually good visual and auditory learners and do well with lots of class discussions and diagrams. Boys are more kinetic learners and they need to learn by doing. Single sex classes would mean we could cater for different learning styles.

    Girls and boys are also engaged by different stimuli. If your cater the class to the girls interests you will lose the boys and if you cater to the boys interests you will lose the girls.

    Boys are often intimidated by girls superior verbal abilities in classes like English. They score far better without girls around. The same goes for girls in classes like woodwork, PE and science.

    The opposite sex can also be a major distraction for students. Keeping it out of the classroom can help get work done.

  • Education at school

    Girls and boys do learn differently and they need to learn how ever is best. Also boys are very hyper. Girls can pay attention easier and sometimes boys are a distraction. I live with 2 boys it is easier to learn if the are showed and do it to learn.

  • Yes they should

    Boys and girls brains have hard wired differences in childhood and adolescent years, so separate schooling would benefit them. However, they need to develop nessecary social skills, sp they could share electives or after school actives or sports. All the schools would have to do is set aside aside special classrooms for the gender separated classes.

  • I think they should be in different schools.

    I think boys and girls should be in different schools because some girls and boys do not get along with each other. I think it is easier to talk to girls better than boys. Sometimes boys get on people's nerves. Boys think they are smarter than us, but truly they are not.

  • Girls are mean to boys

    Girls make fun of boys because they learn faster then boys. And many boys make wrong chooses by droping out of school. Girls go to college and have good life. And boys just try to make it in life. Research show that girls are always going to by smarter than boys. So my opinoin stays as having separated classes

  • Yes they should

    I think boys and girls should be taught sepretly because, it will help us concentrate and there won't be so many things on students minds. Like for example: dating(boyfriends and girlfriends), friend problems between girls and boys and you can't say that you won't know how to communicate with the opposite gender because yo can still talk to them at lunch or recess.

  • I think boys and girls should be in different classes.

    Some of the boys and girls' brain do function in different ways. Mixed-gender classes provide a distraction for some students that have trouble focusing to their work. Some boys and girls don't really get along because of their gender. I think they should be separated because some boys don't want to do the stuff that the girls might do, and some girls don't want to do the stuff that the boys might do.

  • Girls and Boys should be in separate schools because they only distract each other.

    Girls and boys gain confidence if they are apart because there is no judgement and everyone is equal. Boys do not have an advantage because they are only with boys, and girls are the same. This counts for sports, and also in school projects everything will be easier. Also, they learn better because they are not distracted and there is no relationship drama. Love life stays outside of school and so everyone stays more concentrated.

  • Girls and boys should be in different classes.

    Girls will be more confident without boys to say that they are better. Girl s and boys will focus on their academics and be less distracted. If they are more confident it makes them better individuals for the future. Also, boys are usually very immature and laugh at serious things which reduces the productivity tim

  • Yes they should

    They can feel comfortable in their own skin and not worry about impressing the opposite gender. Instead of focusing on trying to get the attention of the opposite sex, they can focus on learning. I think that a separated classroom is a good idea. I support the splitting of the classroom!

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