Lost Coursework Form

Lost or damaged work

This relates to non-exam assessment, coursework and controlled assessment that has been lost or damaged at the school or college. It includes both internally-assessed work (marked by schools or colleges) and externally-assessed work (marked by one of our examiners).

Applications for special consideration in respect of lost/damaged work must be made through e-AQA.

  • Exams officers can request special consideration online through e-AQA, after the deadline for submitting marks provided that the school/college is:
    • responsible for the loss
    • able to verify that the work was completed or partially completed and that the student was monitored while doing the work.
  • The student should reproduce as much of their missing work as possible.
  • For internally-assessed work, the 'loss of coursework' special status must be selected on the e-Submissions mark inputting screen alongside your mark. You can't indicate that work is lost using EDI mark submissions..

Work that is lost as a consequence of negligence on the part of the student is not eligible for special consideration.

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