Short Essay On My Memorable Day In Life


Several things happen in our daily life. Certain incidents are unforgettable whereas some are casual. One such incident which I always remember is the happening on wedesday, the 2nd is the most memorable day in my life.

I am late going from my school. My home is in a small village of about fifty houses. It is situated in a hill side valley. We, the hill people are strong and rugged. We face hardships and work hard to live. I am brave enough to face any cruel animal. I know how to defend myself with bare hands if necessary. I am habituated to walk along long distances on hill tracks. I know how to swim and climb. Our village is close to Kerala- Karnataka border. Our police is friendly and amiable with us. They are good natured. When I come across the police I feel delighted and exchange pleasantaries with then.

It was a winter evening and the sun was setting. I thought would reach home by walking fast or even by running. Unfortunately, it soon becomes dark. Also the cold was eating the bones. I did not know what to do. I took courage and moved ahead. The cod air started blowing with hissing noise. I could listen to very faint voices carried by the wind. I could not see anything in that darkness but could make out patches of lurking shadows. At first I thought it was my imagination. Once more I heard the whispering sound. I stood where I was and did not go ahead. Now I distinctly heard some voices with a foreign accent and saw a group of shadows moving downwards. I realized they are brigands. I was told by the police friends to inform anything suspicious to the nearby station.

I immediately rushed to the police station and informed the police what I saw and heard. There a police officer congratulated me on my courage.

I took the officer along with his group of policemen by a different route. We all moved ahead and waited for the infiltrators to come in to the trap.

Finally the men in the gang were caught by the police. Their desire of destroying several vital structures was spoiled. The officer praised me a lot and dropped me at my house.

The next day my school head- master praised me at the morning assembly. Then I was rewarded with the scholarship granted by the I.G of police which I gratefully accepted. My parents and all the villagers felt happy for my courage and duty towards the nation. It the most memorable day in my lif


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