Early Encounters Between American Indians And European Colonists Essay Topic

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Early Encounterscontains a selection of nineteen essays from the papers of prominent New England historian, antiquarian, and genealogist Warren Sears Nickerson (1880-1966). This extensive study of his own family ties to the Mayflower, and his exhaustive investigation of the first contacts between Europeans and Native Americans, in what is today New England, made him an unquestioned authority in both fields.The research upon which the text of Early Encounters is based occurred between the 1920s and the 1950s. Each of Nickerson's works included in this carefully edited volume is placed in its context by Delores Bird Carpenter; she provides the reader with a wealth of useful background information about each essay's origin, as well as Nickerson's reasons for undertaking the research. Material is arranged thematically: the arrival of the Mayflower; conflicts between Europeans and Native Americans; and other topics related to the history and legends of early European settlement on Cape Cod. Early Encounters is a thoughtfully researched, readable book that presents a rich and varied account of life in colonial New England.

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...Daisy Paridon 24 October 2014 Group B: Question 2 Before the American Revolution, men monopolized the political and government realms while women were denied this right. Furthermore, in the existing social hierarchy women were viewed as subordinate to men and not considered independent legal individuals. As women grew tired of their inferior legal status and inequality to men, some began to express interest in politics. However, they were unable to have any substantial influence, as they were unable to hold office, denied the right to vote, and encouraged to not involve themselves in politics. If they wanted to participate in politics they had to do so indirectly by attending balls, salons, and court ceremonies in hopes influencing any present political figures. However, the American Revolution represents a turning point, as it opened the first doors allowing women to enter the political realm. Throughout the duration of the Revolution and during the War of 1812, women’s political involvement further increased, and their participation was both encouraged and praised. However, in the early 19th century they were not only urged to withdraw from the political realm, but to also “relinquish their political identities” altogether. In the years leading to the American Revolution, Whig leaders knew that to successfully resist Great Britain that they would need to mobilize widespread support from the public. To gain as...

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