Nfl Week 1 Referee Assignments 2013 Spike

Jerome Boger, seen here in Kansas City last week, will have his crew in Cincinnati on Monday night. Gene Steratore’s crew has the week off. Assignments are compiled with the assistance of

Thursday, Sept. 19

  • Chiefs at Eagles NFLN — Walt Anderson

Sunday, Sept. 22

  • Texans at Ravens — John Parry
  • Packers at Bengals — Clete Blakeman
  • Giants at Panthers — Mike Carey
  • Rams at Cowboys — Carl Cheffers
  • Browns at Vikings — Bill Leavy
  • Buccaneers at Patriots — Jeff Triplette
  • Cardinals at Saints — Walt Coleman
  • Chargers at Titans — Tony Corrente
  • Lions at Redskins — Ed Hochuli
  • Falcons at Dolphins — Ron Winter
  • Bills at Jets — Scott Green
  • Colts at 49ers — Terry McAulay
  • Jaguars at Seahawks — Bill Vinovich
  • Bears at Steelers NBC — Pete Morelli

Monday, Sept. 23

  • Raiders at Broncos ESPN — Jerome Boger

Image: Dallas Cowboys photo

This week, Walt Coleman, Scott Green and Alberto Riveron are off. Mike Carey is also off, but the rest of his crew is working with Bill Vinovich.

We have confirmed that there are two injury substitutions to report this week:

  • Head linesman George Hayward (on Bill Leavy’s crew) left the game last Sunday with a calf injury; Tom Stabile (Green’s crew) fills in.
  • Kirk Dornan (back judge on Carey’s crew) was seen being taped up during last week’s game and will be replaced this week by Rich Reels (Riveron’s crew). According to Jim Daopoulos (former official/supervisor), Dornan suffered from plantar fasciitis. (A what? A foot inflammation also known as “policeman’s foot.”)

Both should return to the lineup soon.

Most officiating assignments have been verified through

Thursday, Nov. 15

  • Dolphins at Bills: Jeff Triplette

Sunday, Nov. 18

  • Cardinals at Falcons: Bill Vinovich
  • Browns at Cowboys: Ed Hochuli
  • Packers at Lions: Ron Winter
  • Bengals at Chiefs: Gene Steratore
  • Jets at Rams: Jerome Boger
  • Colts at Patriots: John Parry
  • Eagles at Redskins: Terry McAulay
  • Buccaneers at Panthers: Bill Leavy
  • Jaguars at Texans: Clete Blakeman
  • Saints at Raiders: Pete Morelli
  • Chargers at Broncos: Carl Cheffers
  • Ravens at Steelers: Walt Anderson

Monday, Nov. 19

  • Bears at 49ers: Tony Corrente
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