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Question:”Traditional marriage is an outdated concept”To what extent is this true in your society. Marriage is defined as a man and woman being together by legal ties. Although the world are becoming modern nowadays. The concept of traditional marriage is still being practiced. The beauty of marrying opposite gender ,the construction of family tree and the responsibilities in a marriage world remains unchanged as the time passes. However, there is a side effect of the modernity that has defeat the purpose of marriage which is the marriage of same gender that are recently increasing. These factors do not affect the tradition of marriage wholly. Marriage has only occured between different genders. It has been that way since the olden days, occasionally it occurred to be the other way. Although there are the opposite of traditional marriage in this aspect, the number of traditional or normal marriage will forever overpower the non-tradition marriage that was actually brought up by the modern people. Singapore is a conservative country, therefore any act that is out of the country’s law is either known as crime or nuisance.

In this aspect, Singapore has not legalized any sorts of marriages except for normal marriage ,also known as traditional marriages. Therefore, the concept in this bearing is not considered as outdated as it is still used in many religion and country. In the scope of family structure, a marriage is performed to indicate the readiness of a couple to build a family. Marrying and building a family is part of the traditional way of a family strata. Nothing could change the society perspective towards a complete family. The society belief will always stick to having a child after marriage rather than before marriage. The child that is born out of wedlock will face social stigma if the society know that the child is born illegitimate. As the government encourages parenthood as a part of increasing the population scheme, it can happen legally after marriage. Therefore, the purpose of traditional marriage is not taken as outdated as the concept of building a family through marriage is still preserved and I believed that the society will also belief that way as not only it protects the family name and reputation but also keeps the modesty and purity of the family’s background.

A traditional look in the responsibilities in a household is divided into the strength and gentleness of the role being played by each figure. Traditionally, the man as the head of the family will be in-charge of the income coming in and out from the family expenses. Thus, the man or husband will have to go out and work for the family while the woman will take care of the household chore and their children. As a woman, the gentleness and love being potrayed in a family resulting to the woman being the most suitable candidate as a mother and wife. Up till now that custom is not majorly changes. Based on Singapore’s statistic newsletter in 2011 the amount of married women who are caretakers including housewife is 68.8%.Hence,this shows that the divided responsibilities that are stated traditionally is still being practice in this 21st century.

Although, the tradition customs are not altered critically, the juices of the modernity affects the tradition as time passes by. The tradition of opposite gender marriage is already given a touch of rebel. The purpose of marriage is defied into same sex marriage whereas traditionally a marriage can only occur between a man and woman. As a record of 21,000 LGBT typed of people join 2013’s pink dot event held at Hong Ling Park which is the corner to express freedom of speech. Although there is an increase in LGBT as tears pass by, Singapore being a conservative country will never allow any such behaviours such as requesting same sex marriage under Section 377A of the Penal Code (Singapore) and section 354 of penal code(outrage of modesty) , to be approved in Singapore.

Therefore, those who desire to get married to their ‘same-type’ partner will have to fly to United Kingdom to get married as UK is among the countries that legalized LGBT marriages. In conclusion, the traditional concept of marriage is still going on overpowering the modern concept of marriage in terms of opposite gender marriage, responsibilities in the household and structure of a family. Although, it cannot be denied in certain aspect modern influence have cause a whirlpool in the society such as LGBT as to having them being part of the society even if there are many negative responds towards them. Therefore, by continuing the legacy of practicing traditional marriage ,the modern insane concept can be abolished.


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