There Is Always A However Sat Essay

To every situation there is always a "however". Every situation or problem has two sides to it. No matter how right one might be or how good an explanation sounds, it can always been seen from a different point of view, which can change the situation completely. Some people always find it difficult to look for other answers because they prefer the way things are and don't want to change it.

When i was about to graduated from high school, I thought I had everything under control. The date for my SAT, the college I wanted to attend and when I was going to leave. I told my Dad about it, and he commended me saying, it was a good plan, "However", it was not going to happen. I was shocked and asked why, he said he had something different in mind for me and I was going to go with his plan not mine. Initially I thought my future had been planned. I thought it was just up to me . But, it wasn't, my dad saw my future from a different point of view.

In the medical world, when patients go to an hospital, maybe for treatment or for check up. After being examined by a doctor, the doctors come up with what they believe is wrong with the patient or what they believe could be wrong "However", the result is probably not the only thing they can come up with, but once they get the first result, they tend to go with it instead of conducting more tests. Such problems has led to the death of many patients, because they are being treated for the wrong thing.

When my sister was ready to get married, she thought she had the perfect man she was ready to spend her life with. We were all happy for her, "However", we all didn't know the husband to be was an internet fraudster. We were all carried away by his charms and wonderful behaviour that we failed to really know more about him.

In life it is always better to look at a situation from two possible sides. A problem or situation should not be judged by just the cover. My life was already planned according to me, that I couldn't see a different point of view. When we interprete a situation from just one side we tend to make mistakes that could have been avoided. The word "However" is very powerful, but we should not be afraid to use it, because it will only help us and make life easier.

As you may know, the New 1600 SAT Essay is optional. So many students may be under the impression that they do not have to take the New SAT Essay. However, if you are a 2400 Expert student, you must take the New SAT Essay. The only exception would be if you are a high school senior who knows that none of the colleges you are applying to require the essay portion of the New SAT. Then and only then, can you skip taking the SAT Essay. For the rest of you, you must take the New SAT Essay.

A perfect case study that demonstrates why you need to take the New SAT with Essay is actually the ACT. The ACT has been essay-optional for many years now. However, most competitive colleges require that students who take the ACT submit their ACT score WITH essay. Essentially, competitive colleges are not going to let you skip the essay portion of these standardized exams. And because most 2400 Expert students are applying to competitive colleges, I would suggest that all 2400 Expert students go ahead and complete the essay portion of the SAT. If you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior in high school who doesn’t know exactly what colleges you will apply to your senior year, you should be on the safe side and take the SAT Essay. The last thing you would want to happen is to take the SAT without essay now, then come senior year, you find out a college you are applying to requires the SAT with essay.

In addition, the New SAT Essay is easy to prep for. The College Board made many changes to the New SAT Essay in order to make it less easy to game. Many test prep companies (especially 2400 Expert) had figured out how to game the old 2400 version of the SAT Essay. Therefore, the College Board went back to the drawing board and redesigned the SAT Essay hoping that it would not be as “preppable” as before. However, I would argue that the new SAT Essay is actually easier to prep for than ever. So there’s really no reason to not take it.

Finally, the New SAT Essay is also helpful to prep for. When you prepare for the SAT Essay, you will see benefits far beyond just the SAT Essay. You will learn how to use larger vocabulary words effectively. You will learn how to develop an analysis more effectively. You will learn how to write faster. You will learn how to organize a coherent composition. All of this will help you on many other essays. You will suddenly score higher on your high school English class essays. You will be better able to compose essays for other high school standardized exams (SAT Subject Exams, AP Exams, ACT, etc.). You will even be able to write better essays for future standardized exams. For example, I got a perfect score on my GMAT essay simply because I used 2400 Expert Essay Strategies! You will craft better college admissions essays. You will write better scholarship essays. And your essays in college will become easier to write. With all of these benefits, there really is no excuse for skipping SAT Essay prep.

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