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Available college courses at FHS:  
Check the FHS course description guide (& college guides) below for details & FHS prerequisites.  Almost every course EXCEPT COMP 1 and science classes now REQUIRES a minimum Reading Score: ACT Reading 18+ or COMPASS Reading 81+ or ACCUPLACER 85+; this is a FHS testing requirement for our dual credit classes in addition to the college requirement.    

NOTE:  Dual credit courses are automatically included on your FHS transcript, however dual enrollment courses must be "transferred" to FHS by the student in order to count toward FHS graduation requirements -- simply print an online transcript from your MyMAC account and bring it to your grade-level counselor to be "transcribed in" at the time of course completion.

****MAC testing will change during Fall 2016; COMPASS will no longer be given, and new ACCUPLACER required scores will be added here at that time.

            DUAL CREDIT KEY:         
                                 -- course numbers in RED are Mineral Area College course numbers (see description link below);
                                 -- course numbers in BLUEare Missouri Baptist University course numbers (see description link below); 
                                 -- FHS departmental categories are in GREEN

AGAIN, most MAC (dual credit and dual enrollment) classes now REQUIRES a minimum Reading Score: ACT Reading 18+ or COMPASS Reading 81+ or ACCUPLACER 85+; this is a FHS testing requirement for our dual credit classes in addition to the college requirement.  See MAC REQUIRED TEST SCORES page for details: Multiple Measures alternative placement with lower test scores is NOT an option for high school students.
    • Art History 2/Art Appreciation (3.0 cr hr) (*NO Art History 1 prerequisite -- it is only a different era)
    • Intro to Humanities (3.0 cr hr)
    • Comp 1(3.0 cr hr)   (*MAC required course for AA or 42-hour block)
      • ENG1330  ACT English 18+ or COMPASS 70+ or ACCUPLACER sentence skills 92+ (or 69-91 with 5+ also on Write Placer; NO READING SCORE REQUIRED)
      • ENGL113  ACT English 18+
    • Intro to Literature(3.0 cr hr)   *required with Comp 1 for FHS to meet ELA 3 requirement
      • ENG1570 (*MUST have taken Comp 1 for college credit through MAC to avoid complications; Comp 1 for college credit, "C" or better)
    • Comp 2 (3.0 cr hr) (prereq is Comp 1 completed through the same institution or have it transferred in time, "C" or better);   (*MAC required course for AA or 42-hour block)
    • Public Speaking (3.0 cr hr)  (*MAC required course for AA or 42-hour block -- or Interpersonal Comm at night)
    • Elementary Spanish 1 (3.0 cr hr)  *now a First Semester every day course, starting FA18!!!
      • MFL1370   ACT English 18+ or COMPASS 70+ or ACCUPLACER 92+  (or 69-91 with 5+ also on Write Placer) -- and must meet FHS prerequisite of Spanish 1 & 2  (*available through MAC Farmington Outreach Center if your do not meet the FHS Spanish 1 & 2 course prereq -- see Ms Richardson ASAP for enrollment info)
    • Elementary Spanish 2 (3.0 cr hr)    MFL1370 Elem Spanish 1 for MAC credit, "C" or better OR **requires passing an entrance exam      ​*now a Second Semester every day course, starting SP19!!!
  • MATH DEPARTMENT:  (ONE course, College Algebra or higher, is the requirement for MAC AA or 42-hour block); **NEW REQUIREMENT EFFECTIVE FA16: for those students planning on Calculus for MAC college credit, MAC has a recommendation that College Algebra be taken prior to College Trig (for college credit), so taking Formal Geometry and College Algebra at the same time is the suggestion OR taking it at MAC in the summer before taking Calculus OR taking it concurrently with Trigonometry; this is required in order to take Calculus through MAC for college credit IF you don't  meet the ACT/COMPASS testing requirement.  All of these courses have an FHS prerequisite of Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry.
    • Intermediate Algebra(3.0 cr hr) 
      • MAT1130 (ACT Math 19+  or COMPASS Alg 38+ or COMPASS College Alg 31+  or ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Test 97-115)
    • College Algebra(3.0 cr hr)  
      • MAT1230  MAT1130 Intermed Algebra for MAC college credit, "C" or better OR (ACT Math min 22 or COMPASS Algebra  66+ or COMPASS College Alg 53+  or ACCUPLACER Elem Alg Test 116+ (can take College Level Math Test if 108-115 score on Elem Alg Test) or ACCUPLACER College Level Math Test 50-69)  
      • MATH133
    • Tech Math 1  (3.0 cr hr) -- course is only for CPT program students
      • TEC1900 (ACT Math 15+ or COMPASS Algebra 23+ or COMPASS College Algebra 23+ or ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Test 37-96) 
    • Tech Math 23.0 cr hr) -- course is only for CPT program students; grade "C" or better in  TEC1900 Tech Math 1 MAC credit
    • Discrete/Finite Mathematics (3.0 cr hr)
      • MATH173, not available 2016-2017
    • Prob & Stat (3.0 cr hr)
      • BUS2570   *same testing requirement as Intermediate Algebra listed above  (course number changed from BUS2430 eff FA17)
      • MATH243
    • Trigonometry (3.0 cr hr) Fall semester class
      • MAT1330  (ACT Math 27+ or COMPASS Algebra 90+ or COMPASS College Algebra 72+ pr COMPASS Trig 63+ or ACCUPLACER College Level Math Test 70+  OR has  completed MAC College Algebra with "C" or better in a previous semester OR completed College Algebra from MoBap with "C" or better and ALREADY transferred to MAC prior to Trig start
      • MATH143
    • Precalculus (4.0 cr hr)  Spring semester class
    • Calculus  ** (yearlong class)
      • MAT1650 (5.0 cr hr) (NOTE: testing placement phased out for Fall 2018  and will move to MAC completed course prereqs listed here:  ACT Math 28+ or COMPASS Algebra 95+ or COMPASS College Algebra 76+ or COMPASS Trig 67+; after testing phase out, students will be required for MAC credit  to have passed both MAC Trig and MAC College Algebra (or transferred MBU College Algebra credit prior to Calculus start), each with a grade of "C" or better)
      • MATH164 (4.0 cr hr)
    • Appreciation of Music (3.0 cr hr)
      • MSC1801   
      • MUHL 153
    • Environmental Science (3.0 cr hr)   (ONLY available evenings through MAC Farmington Outreach 2016-2017 school year)
    • ​​General Biology(yearlong class)
      • BIO 1150 (5.0 cr hr)
      • BIOL103/BIOL101 (4.0 cr hr)
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology  (yearlong class)
      • BIO2540 (5.0 cr hr)**prereq is that student must have taken College Gen Biology for MAC credit
      • BIOL213/BIOL211 (4.0 cr hr) **prereq is that student must have taken College Gen Biology for college credit
    • Intro to Chemistry  (5.0 cr hr) (yearlong class)
      • PHS1250 (ACT Math 19+  or COMPASS Alg 38+ or COMPASS College Alg 31+ or ACCUPLACER Elem Alg Test 91-115)
  • SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT:    (**one full year of Am History is an FHS grad requirement)
    • American History 1  (3.0 cr hr)
    • American History 2 (3.0 cr hr)  **College Am History 1 is NOT a prerequisite for this class
    • American Political Systems/Government (3.0 cr hr) (*MAC required course for AA or 42-hour block, MBU credit does not transfer as the same course at MAC; this is an FHS EOC tested course IF you are only taking the college government course)
      • POS1180
      • POLS113  *does not transfer as the same course at MAC if taken through MoBap
    • ​​Comparative Religions (3.0 cr hr) 
    • Human Growth & Development (3.0 cr hr) 
      • ​​​PSY1250 
    • Intro to Philosophy (3.0 cr hr)
    • ​​​Psychology (3.0 cr hr)
      • ​​​PSY1130 
    • Sociology (3.0 cr hr)  
    • ​​World Civ 1 (3.0 cr hr)  
      • HIS1100
      • HIST113 (Mobap Western Civ 1)
    • World Civ 2 (3.0 cr hr)   
      • HIS1520
      • HIST123 (Mobap Western Civ 2)​
ALSO, available are Dual ENROLLMENT classes (separate paper app, which is due mid semester PRIOR to course -- and YOU buy or rent the textbooks & any online code/access/online fees):  
other dual enrollment options are available via web registration (like Online Fit for Life (2.0 cr hr) PED 2780 , etc., and for courses available through the MAC Farmington Outreach Center, Mon-Thurs evenings, 4p-7p during Fall & Spring semesters) and they may be taken during the day as a FHS online class (independent, but assigned to a computer lab for that class period, OR on his/her own -- online/lab fees apply as well as tuition and possibly books, if independent course).  See Ms. Andrea Richardson's emails regarding signup procedures & dates for dual enrollment (signups are during the semester PRIOR to the class start; you must meet all prerequisites BEFORE online registration for classes, and you must complete the online MyMAC HSDE application at least 3 days prior to online course enrollment); NOTE:  Fit for Life -- this course meets the PE requirement for MAC's Associate of Arts Degree and may also be used as an elective and for the 42 Hour Gen Ed Block, and it counts as TWO weighted FHS PE credits.   AGAIN, ALL require the minimum reading test scores listed at the top of this page.
  • Ag Leadership/Employment, AGR 1800 (1.0 cr hr) (**see Mr. Yount or Mrs. Stroud for permission first)
  • Contemp Agr Issues I, AGR1770 (1.0 cr hr) (**see prereq & Mr. Yount or Mrs. Stroud for permission first) 
  • Online Med Term 1, HLT 2350 (3.0 cr hr) ***some sections require connect card purchase from MAC library
  • Online Med Term 2, HLT 2360 (3.0 cr hr) ***Some sections require connect card purchase from MAC library -- can use the same card for both Med Term 1 & 2 if taken in the same year 
  • Online Microcomputer Apps (Microapps), CIS 1750 (3.0 cr hr)
  • Online Principles of Banking, MGT 2540 (1.0 cr hr) (**bank pays for FHS bank workers)

Other MAC courses may be available for students with the goal of graduating from FHS with a MAC AA degree or 42 hr MAC Gen Ed Block.  See Ms. Andrea Richardson or Mrs. Andrea Pruett for info
Southeast Missouri State University  **instructors/students do the signups for the SEMO dual credit courses directly with SEMO -- DO NOT CONTACT Ms. ANDREA RICHARDSON OR THE COUNSELING CENTER FOR THIS DUAL CREDIT INFORMATION (it is just listed as a courtesy) -- COURSES BELOW ARE NOT CURRENTLY available AT FHS FOR 2013-2014

Faculty of Science Academic Advisors and Senior Officer of Academic Development and Operations

Office of Undergraduate Programs
30 Marie Curie - GNN 172

Buying textbooks

Your Science Buddies

30 Marie Curie - GNN 170

Your Science Buddies are experienced undergraduate students who mentor first-year science students and who will provide study tips, time management skills and general advice to facilitate your transition to university life. Starting in early-September, Your Science Buddies will be happy to meet with you from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday, no appointment necessary. They can also provide answers to 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-year science students who have questions regarding their academic path, their career plan, whether it is for graduate studies or the job market.

Faculty of Science Help Centers

Science Study Group Program

This program is offered by undergraduate students as a free service to all students registered in: BIO1130, CHM1311, MAT1330 and PHY1321/1331 during the Fall and BIO1140, CHM1321, MAT1332, PHY1322 during the Winter. Check your uOttawa email address regularly for more details.

SASS – Student Academic Success Service

The Student Academic Success Service (SASS) helps University of Ottawa students persevere in their studies while contributing to their academic, personal and professional success.

The start of a university program of studies is an exciting experience. Whatever your learning difficulties, Access Service specialists will work with you to achieve your academic goals.

The Academic Writing Help Centre is a teaching service. In working with our writing advisors, you will be able to acquire the abilities, strategies and writing tools that will enable you to meet the requirements of your assignments and lab reports.

Whether you experience personal obstacles or you need help to overcome certain barriers, our specialists can accompany you through the transitions of your development.

Career Development Centre

85 University - UCU 312

Begin building your professional skills early in your studies. The skills you develop now will go a long way in helping you get that dream job once you graduate.

Health Services

Visit their web site for more information on services and programs offered for our students

Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement

550 Cumberland - TBT 304

Community Service Learning is a form of experiential learning that enhances classroom teaching. This innovative pedagogical model allows students to contribute to their community by participating in projects related to their program of study.

Take a look at all the courses available during the academic year

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