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Military, technology, commerce & E-Commerce, engineering, law, art, education, healthcare... This is not the full list of possible fields where successful graduates can work. Many young people wonder how in the world they can make such a responsible decision. No one wants a career he or she would hate. Some students are forced to work as the waiters in cheap cafes instead of being managers of large restaurant networks. But what makes them different from their peers? We believe that there are no stupid students. It’s just that often people have to make choices under pressure, and it results in very bad consequences.

This text is going to explain the basic factors one should consider while choosing a future career. And yes, be ready to make this decision during your high school period and BEFORE the college. Otherwise, you may feel sorry and hate your work for the rest of your life!

Factors That Impact Student’s Career Choice

Perhaps, the two most powerful factors that may influence student’s career choice are culture and family. Most of the students are forced to choose the specific major and work by their own parents. But their families do not have any idea how harmful this pressure can be for further career development.

Family’s Influences towards Career Choice

In other words, the relation between family’s interdependence, school, and community culture are the main social factors. Family members who work hard all day and night serve as the social role models for their children. Since their early ages, many kids tend to believe that only hard physical work can provide any family with the needed resources. However, a child growing in a poor or labor class family can become a rather rich person. Often, child’s own parents can be the main obstacle to making the dreams come true. Many parents think that their children cannot reach heights because they could not do it before.

By the way, if you have a strong conflict with your family regarding your future work, describe in your personal statement or let the professional writing service do it for you. Such stories usually work.

Social & Economic Reasons

Of course, social, political, and economic factors influence your career decisions. While business law plays a role in all developed countries, this major won’t make much sense in the countries of the third world where first aid from healthcare specialists is valued higher. You should gain the skills with respect to the needs of your country. Every student has tried to connect his or her work with the social and economic situation in the native country. If you are great in marketing and writing, think how your career may promote your country. It will help to raise new charity funds and save human lives. Right, career is not only about making money. It’s about helping people too.

Except for this wisdom, people have to consider such factors as:

  • transition to the workplace in various time frames
  • different expectations for career opportunities and their availability

College is a great way to test out what you want to do. It is the best period of life not only to decide where you want to work, but to put on the mask of this professional thanks to the numerous internships, part-time/seasonal jobs, and other available opportunities. The most important mission is to graduate. And don’t bind yourself to adult career expectations!

"Ideal Job"

It’s a myth. Sooner or later, you’ll have to sacrifice at least one of your principles at work. Even if you’re an expert in some area, the labor market still has its terms and conditions which you have to accept or deny just like you do when subscribing to any online shop and community.

Before making the final choice, one has to evaluate such work factors as:

  • Wages (unfortunately, financial issues remain at the top for ages)
  • Career opportunities (growth and self-development
  • Skills required (even if you lack just one crucial skill, it may turn a serious obstacle)
  • Family agreement (try to convince them in the importance of your work)
  • Education (are there any trainings involved?)
  • Social benefits

When making such responsible decisions as a career choice, one has to realize his role in society. What can you give to your community? What can you offer? The next step is preparing an impressive admissions essay, which can always be written by the professional online writers for cheap.

We wish you good luck with your career choice and further development!

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choice of a profession (my career choice)

In olden days, choosing a profession was not all all  a cause of worry. A farmer's son became a farmer,a potter's son a potter , a king's son a king and so on. But in the modern era, it is skill and knowledge ,not the caste or community of a person which decides what profession to choose.

The choice of a right profession is one of the most dreadful tasks a child has to face in his transition from childhood to adolescence.Throughout the early decades of independence, Indian kids had only a few choices like engineering, medicine,teaching, government service etc.But post liberalization, a number of new industries have emerged , providing todays kids with countless career options.Some other new attractive careers are in the IT , food, hospitality ,fashion  and infrastructure industries.

My desire is to become a software engineer when I grow up. My interest in this field has been since my primary school age. I have always had a fascination for computers.I love playing computer games very much. It was this interest in computer games that sparked off my curiosity about how software code is written,how graphics and animation are done .. and questions like. At a very early age I learnt flash and then started creating games in flash. My father saw this talent of mine and introduced me to his friend's son Mr.Jatin Patel who was an engineer with Microsoft corporation.Mr Jatin has been a very valuable mentor since then, giving me proper guidance in charting my career path and developing the necessary skills to succeed in this field.

The basic skill required for an software engineer is to have a sense of logic and commonsense, a mind that can think in many dimensions simultaneously and the knack of solving problems. I regularly solve puzzles and play chess to improve my analytical skills and problem -solving ability.I have also learnt the basics of operating systems like windows, Linux etc, and programming languages like C, C++,Java etc.I have even bugun to write programs in these languages. Another important skill needed to succeedd in the software industry, for that matter any industry is good communication skills. I have enrolled for laguage and personality development courses to sharpen my communication ability and other soft skills.

I am well awre of the pos and cons of becoming an IT enginer. A software softare professional has to work under tremendous pressure, work late nights and has to meet almost impossible deadlines, He might get no time for family and friends. And as one moves up the ladder, the pressure would only increase.

On the brighter side, this job provides the best salary in the industry. Apart from regular salary hikes, one also gets ample opportunity to travel abroad and in the process make a lot of ,money. More than the money, there are a lot of learning opportunities. Also thereis a deep sense of satisfaction in helping to build systems that make people's lives easier.

My plan is to do my bachelors and masters in engineerinf from ths best engineering college in the country and then bag a job in a reputed company like Microsoft or google..Hope that god willing ,everyting turns out fine and I get a chance to pursue the career of my choice and live the life of my dreams.
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