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Parry McCluer Middle School Choir

Upcoming Performance Dates:
District Honors Choir: March 9 - Wilson Memorial High School
Kings Dominion "Music In The Parks" Spring Trip: April 20
Spring Concert: April 20th @ 7:00PM - PMMS Auditorium
Welcome to the home for all things PMMS Choir! Below you can find recordings and practice tracks for the music we are singing as well as information for upcoming events.

Questions? Contact Mr. Grasso at

Upcoming Events

*Students who are in Band AND Choir need only one permission slip to be given to EITHER Ms. Light or Mr. Grasso.

Middle School District Chorus

Congratulations to Goldie Richardson, Kensey May, and Connor Wolfe for being chosen to represent Buena Vista in Middle School District Chorus!

Where: Wilson Memorial High School
When: March 9, 2018 (snow date: March 16, 2018)
Fee: Each student will need to pay a participation fee of $5.00 to attend. Please put cash or check (made out to “Parry McCluer Middle School”) in an envelope marked “MS District Choir”
What to wear:MODEST White Tops, Black Bottoms, Black Dress Shoes
What to bring: a pencil, a water bottle, and a packed lunch.LUNCH WILL NOT BE PROVIDED!

Kings Dominion Spring Trip

Who:​ 6th and 7th Grade Band and Chorus Members
What: ​Attend Music in the Parks!
              ● We will perform, receive feedback, and spend time at the amusement park
Where:​ Kings Dominion: 16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047
When:​ April 20, 2018
              ● Meeting at PMMS at 6:30am
              ● Returning to PMMS at 9pm
Important Info:
              ● Students will need to eat breakfast before coming to school, and pack a bagged dinner
                  for the bus ride home. *Lunch is included in the cost of the trip.
              ● There are no trip refunds available once payment has been received.
              ● Payments can be in cash or check made to PMMS.
                 Please return the permission slip, money, and travel form to Ms. Light or Mr. Grasso by February                    28th

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