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Modern society is becoming more and more reliant on the use of technology and this has indeed created the demand of experts in the field of Information and Technology. Thus, IT has become one of the most popular subjects of choice for the students.

Moreover, the ever dynamic world of Information technology and Communication (ICT) requires subtle and comprehensive expertise in Computer Technology, Telecommunications and multimedia as well as in the knowledge of networks. Modern world has witnessed the IT revolution due to the advancement of knowledge in these disciplines and these disciplines are closely aligned to one another. IT professionals who can make a difference are keenly sought after by different types of leading organizations throughout the world. So the prospect of careers in IT is reasonably good.

IT graduates can work in different industry like software industry, financial institutions, Health, corporate organizations etc. The following are the list of most common career paths for IT graduates.

System Analyst

The system analysts are responsible for performing the feasibility study of systems. They prepare software requirement specification based on the requirement of the stakeholders. A systems analyst researches problem, plans solutions, recommends softwares and systems, and coordinates development to meet business or other requirements. They also help programmers during the development of the software. In the context of Nepal, it has a very good scope in software companies.


Project Manager

Project manager is responsible for managing the assigned project. A Project Manager coordinates the project related communication with clients and manages the development team, distributes project work among the team members, tracks the progress of the projects, evaluates and reviews the progress of the project. In the context of Nepal Project Manager has  very good scope in software companies.


Software Developer

Software developer is responsible for developing softwares. They should have good programming, problem solving and analytical skills. Software developers can select any one of the development platform among VB.NET, Visual Basic (VB), Java, Delphi, Oracle Business Intelligence.


Web Developer

A Web developer is responsible for the development of websites and web applications. Web developers can select any one of the programming language as a development platform among PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, Perl, Ruby on Rails. There is a huge scope of PHP and Asp.Net in Nepal. Moreover, a lot of software companies choose PHP as a development platform. Furthermore, PHP web developers can gain expertise in popular open source softwares like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc. Web developers working as a Joomla Expert, WordPress Expert, Drupal Expert, Magento Expert can relatively earn more. It is also added advantage to have good knowledge of PHP framework like Zend, CodeIgniter, CakePHP etc. There is very high demand of PHP developers in software companies of Nepal. Web developers showing sufficient expertise in open source software and frameworks are in high demand globally.

Web Designer

Web designer is responsible for designing the web site. Web designer should have knowledge of PhotoShop/ Fireworks, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/ JQuery. Web Designer should be creative enough to make attractive websites and interfaces.

SEO/ SMM Expert

IT graduates can also work as a Search Engine Optimization specialist and social media marketing specialist. They should possess sufficient skills to do online marketing of businesses (websites) by listing it in organic search result of search engines. They can also make use of social media and networking tools like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc in promoting products or services online. These days, the need of SEO expert is increasing globally.

Database Developer

All information is collected at back-end and to access, retrieve or update knowledge of database is must. The importance of Database Developer has been evergreen. No company can thrive with expert Database Developer. For software development, it is as important as meat-cutter is to butcher.  A Database Developer should have good knowledge of database design, SQL since it will be used while creating software, websites and web applications. Popular database systems used by database developers are MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL.  With the rise of number and quality of development companies, there is a growing demand of good Database Developers.

QA (Quality Assurance) Officer

Quality assurance officer are responsible for ensuring the quality of the software and web applications. They should have knowledge of different testing techniques, designing test cases and performing tests. With the growth of industry in terms of quantity and competitiveness Quality Assurance has become indispensable part of software development cycle.

Technical Writer

Responsible in creating documentation of the software and web applications. They are also responsible for creating user manuals.


Other career prospects IT industry are:

  • Graphics Designer,
  • System Administrator
  • System Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Animator,
  • Ethical Hacker,
  • Network Security Specialist,
  • Hardware Engineer


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Careers in Computer Science

One of today’s most popular and lucrative fields of study amongst international students is the field of computer science. In fact, computer science is the third most popular area of study for international students coming to the United States. While the reasons for this are many, the exceptional prospects for careers in computer science play a key role in drawing students to the field. Aside from being one of the best funded and most internationally renowned fields of study within US academics, careers in computer science are among the most in-demand, lucrative, and stable options for today’s college graduates.

Careers in Computer Science

Computer science jobs are in high demand in every industry. Additionally, the high standing of computer science schools in the US has led to increased funding for these computer science departments. This increase in funding translates into a series of implications for international students within the computer science field, including the noteworthy diversification and specialization of the career field. The computer science field offers many potential applications for the degrees international students will be receiving.

What Salary Can You Expect

In addition to the numerous applications of these degrees, computer science graduates are among the highest paid majors, according to Money Magazine. Some example careers in computer science and their national median salaries are:

  • Software Developer $80,500
  • Software Test Engineer (STE) $84,000
  • Senior Software Engineer $98,000
  • Software Development Manager $115,000
  • Software Architect $116,000
  • Programmer Analyst $74,800
  • Systems Developer $93,800
  • Web Developer $58,000
  • Software Development Engineer, Test (SDET) $82,000
  • Application Support Analyst $69,000
  • Computer Systems Analyst $68,300
  • Database Administrator (DBA) $85,100
  • Systems Administrator $62,900
  • Systems Engineer (IT) $83,300
  • Systems Analyst $81,900
  • Network Administrator, IT $59,000
  • Network Engineer, IT $83,900
  • Business Analyst, IT $81,500
  • Program Manager, IT $111,000
  • Information Technology Specialist $64,200

In addition to the exceptional starting salaries and highly diverse range of applications of computer science jobs, computer science is a highly stable career field. Not only are computer science degrees needed for a number of applications across nearly every industry, but the total number of computer science jobs has also been steadily increasing. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics projection for 2002-2012, 6 of the 10 occupations in the country with the most new jobs are in the field of computer science.

The high demand for computer science degrees ensures international students the ability to procure a lucrative job in the field. Most computer science departments boast placement rates of graduates well above an astounding 85%-- a number far above many other disciplines. Moreover, studies estimate that five of the top ten fastest growing occupations for college graduates are computer science occupations.

Thus, students looking to study in a field that promises a near-guarantee of lucrative future employment in any number of applications and sectors particularly suited to their interests should consider pursuing degrees in computer science. Careers in computer science are numerous and their benefits impressive. The graduates of computer science programs often find themselves graduating college with a lucrative and stable job in their field already lined up, something that can’t be said for a large number of other disciplines. So, whether it is for the monetary benefits, the freedom of location and application, or the stability and assurance of employment, computer science is one of the most promising fields of study for international students in the US.

Study Computer Science in the US

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