Associate Product Manager Cover Letter Sample

Assistant Product Manager Cover Letter

The assistant product manager cover letter can do the brand building for you when you apply for a job. You know the importance of brand building and catching the consumer's attention. Similarly, consider your resume as a product for the recruiters and employers and the cover letter as a marketing tool to sell the product. The aim behind writing the letter is to target the employers and recruiters' attention and influence them to call you for the interview. Although it is a personal letter there are some notable things to keep in mind before one starts to draft the assistant product manager cover letter. These are the key points which are bound to make the employer read your resume. Read the following:

  • First and foremost is the ground work you need to do for addressing the recruiter or employer
  • Start with finding out whom you are supposed to address the letter. cover letters need to be personal as the addressee should feel important and have the impression that you are aiming to get into only their organization
  • Secondly, you have to know the organization well, that means, the profile of the company. This information is important for knowing about the mission of the company and what they are involved in
  • Then comes the reason, motive of applying for the job. Mention the reason for which you are interested to apply in that organization

Assistant Product Manager Job Description

An assistant product manager is a professional who has the responsibility of brand building, be it for corporate products or the entity itself. The job requires research and deep understanding of the field of advertising and marketing. One is required to be a graduate in business administration. Experience in this field has a lot of value as one learns a lot more by trying out practically rather than just the bookish knowledge. Experience teaches you how to go about conducting research exactly. For example, which sources to tap and how, what criteria to check, how to set the targets and achieve them, etc.

The following is a sample assistant product manager cover letter written by a candidate who wishes to shift to a new organization but wishes to handle a similar project. See how he has found out about the company before hand and makes use of it.

Sample Assistant Product Manager Cover Letter

Patrick S. Leblanc
291 Single Street
Boston, Maryland 02199
Phone Number - 781-657-3949
Email Address -


Tony McMillan
Human Resources Officer
Administrative Department
Extra Terrestrial Telecom Products
Boston, Maryland 02199

Dear Mr. McMillan,

I am writing to you for the job of an Assistant Product Manager in your company. I find the job profile very interesting and challenging. I am a business administration graduate with experience of three years in the telecom industry. I have been working in the manufacturing unit of Galaxy Telecom Products. I have handled the marketing department and planned some advertising programs too. I was responsible for targeting the youth audience, especially college goers for the new series of mobile phone of the company. I am aware of the checks one needs to do and the ways of following up, providing answers to the customers' requests and complaints.

I am aware that Extra Terrestrial Telecom Products is coming up with a new generation phone series targeting the youth. I believe I have the required experience and am apt at handling such projects. I would thus like to request you to kindly consider my letter as an application for the designation of an assistant product manager. I am sure I will do justice to the job.

Thank you.

Sincere regards,
Patrick S. Leblanc

Enclosures: The following documents have been attached to the letter:

  1. Resume
  2. Experience Letter
  3. Educational Certificates

Everything now depends on the way you present yourself in the job market. Be sure to catch the employer's attention in whatever ways you can and do not forget to write the assistant product manager cover letter when you give you resume. Best of luck!

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To Whom this may concern,
Ralph W. Emerson once said, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.†History tells us that the success of the whole is dependent upon each individual. If you are looking for an individual who is dedicated to the success of the whole, I would like to make a strong case for my qualifications as an Associate Product Manager in your organization. I have scholastic experience in Game/Art Design and have more than 8 years of experience working within the ecommerce industry for leading companies such as and eFax / j2 Global Communications. In my most recent role as a Product Manager of Merchant Services for, I managed our Revshare program, which generated over 12MM in revenue as well as improving the Shopzilla site by streamlining its technical architecture. I have extensive Product Development knowledge stemming from Requirements Gathering, FRS/TRS Documentation and Design, all the way to Implementation, Tracking/Analysis and Optimization. In addition I have an extensive QA background and familiar with developing user test cases, and regression testing. Some previous achievements and accomplishments include:

  • Development of ShopzillaÂ’s Reviews & Ratings platforms, specific to engineering efforts for architectural redesign, and Tool/Reporting elements.
  • Management of Affiliate Program participants such as, Amazon,, Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and discuss how my experience will best meet your needs and lead your organization to the next level. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you personally in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and discuss how my experience will best meet your needs and lead your organization to the next level. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you personally in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

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