How To Do Your Homework On Edmodo

Send assignments to your students to help them practice what you’ve worked on in class. Expand the options below to find out what you can do with Assignments.

Create a new Assignment

To post a new assignment to one or more of your groups, follow these instructions.

  1. Select the “Assignment” tab located in the post bubble at the top of your Edmodo Homepage or within your group’s page.
  2. Fill out the following details for the Assignment:
    • Assignment title
    • Description of the Assignment
    • Due date (set by clicking on the calendar icon)
    • Due time (select a time deadline for the assignment on the due date)
  3. Check the "Lock this assignment after its due date" box to restrict students from turning in the assignment after it's due.
  4. Check the “Add to Gradebook” box to include the students’ scores in the group’s Progress Book.
  5. Click in the Send to field to choose which group you would like to receive the Assignment. Enter the names of all groups to which you want to post the assignment.
  6. Click “File”, “Link” or “Library” to attach any items to the Assignment.
  7. Choose to Send Now or Send Later:
  • Send Now: Clicking the "Send" button will send the post immediately (posts will appear on the Post Stream in the order they were sent.)
  • Send Later: Clicking the "Send Later" icon -  - will automatically send the post at the chosen time - available in 30 minute increments. Make sure the time zone listed in your account settings is the same for all teachers and students.) Also, if you choose to “Schedule” the post, it will only save in your Load Assignment bank once it has sent to the Group. After you select the date and time to schedule the assignment, hit "Send" to add it to your scheduled posts queue. 

Note: If you send an Assignment to individual students, instead of to the whole group, it won't show up automatically in the Progress Book. You will have to navigate to the Assignment results in the Progress Book, enter the assignment if it’s not there already, and manually enter the student’s score. Attaching an image to the assignment may lower the image resolution.

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Load a previously used Assignment

If you’ve previously posted an Assignment in another Group, and you want to use it again, perhaps with a different Group, you do not need to re-type the details of the Assignment or recreate the Assignment. You can call up the Assignment details by reloading a previously used Assignment.

To Load a Previously Created Assignment:

  1. Click the "Assignment" tab located in the post bubble at the top of your Edmodo Homepage or within your group’s page.
  2. Select the “Load Assignment” button, located below the “Assignment Title” field and next to the due date calendar.
  3. Click the specific Assignment you want to use from the list of Assignments you have posted in the past. You can also use the Search bar to search for your Assignment by name.
  4. Check the Assignment details that are automatically filled in for accuracy, select a new due date and perhaps a new Group to share it with, as well as any other important details like attachments or links.
  5. Click “Send" to send the assignment right away or use the “Send Later" option to choose a future send date and then hit “Send" to schedule the post.

Note: If you delete the original Assignment post, the Assignment will no longer appear in your previously created Assignment list and any student scores and work associated with that original assignment will also be deleted.

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Post Assignments from your Library

Assignments that you create are automatically stored in the "My Assignments" Folder in your Library. However, you can use the Move function on any Assignment to move it to another Folder, if you'd like.

Wherever the Assignment lives in your Library, you can easily send it out to any Group or student by using the "Assign" function:

  1. Locate the Assignment in your Library. By default, they will be in the "My Assignments" Folder, unless you move them.
  2. Click the "down arrow" icon -  - to the right of an Assignment.
  3. Click "Assign."
  4. Fill out the necessary info and recipient, and click "Assign."

The Assignment will then be sent out in a Post to that group or recipient.

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Sharing Assignments with other Teachers

Teachers love to share! We're happy to announce that now you can share any of your Edmodo-created Assignments) with other Teachers on Edmodo so that they too can use them with their students. Just another way Edmodo makes collaborating easy. 

To share an Assignment, just attach the Assignment from your Library to a Note! Any teacher recipient of the Note will be able to add the Assignment to their Library, then assign it to their students. Here's some more details:

  1. Click on "Note" at the top of your Post Stream to send a Note.
  2. Click the "Add from Library" icon.
  3. Select the Assignment and click "Attach to Post." To find your assignment, use the Search Bar or look in the "My Assignments" folder. Assignments you create will go to "My Assignments" by default, unless you move them.
  4. Click "Send."

The Assignment will then be sent as an attachment. Teacher recipients can add the Assignment to their Library. Once the Assignment is in their Library, they can assign it to their students!

Note: If an Assignment is attached to a Note that is sent to students, students won't be able to do anything with the Assignment, as students cannot add Assignments to their Backpacks.

Receiving the Assignment:

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Editing your Assignment and its Attachments

If you’ve sent out an Assignment to a Group, you can edit the Assignment information or due date. If the Assignment is a scheduled post that has not been sent out yet, you may have to edit the scheduled post.

  1. In the "Latest Activity" area of your Post Stream, click the "Filter posts by" link and choose "Assignments."
  2. Hover over the Assignment post and click the down arrow icon -  - that appears in the top right corner of the post.
  3. Select “Edit Post" and make any changes to the post, including the name, description, due date, or attachments.
  4. Click “Save" to save your edits.

Note: You can also edit the Assignment due date by going to the Planner, accessing the "Month View," and dragging and dropping the Assignment to the new date.

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Deleting your Assignment

If you made a mistake on an assignment, no longer want an assignment anymore, or want to remove an assignment from your Progress Book, you can easily delete an entire assignment. However, please note that this will delete all student submissions, grades, and remove the assignment from the Progress Book. Also, once you delete an assignment, you will not be able to load it again from your Load From Collection menu, however, it will still be in your "My Assignments" folder in your Library.

To delete an assignment, simply delete the assignment post by following these steps:

  1. Click the “Filter Posts By” link on the top right of your Edmodo Homepage.
  2. Locate the post for the assignment you want to delete.
  3. Hover over the post and click the down arrow icon -  - that appears in the top right corner of the post.
  4. Click “Delete Post.
  5. Click "OK" in the "Delete Message" confirmation window that appears.

Note: If you want to delete an individual student's assignment submission, please follow the steps to instruct a student to resubmit an assignment.

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Locking your Assignments after the due date

If you do not want any students submitting Assignments after the due date, do the following when you are creating the Assignment:

  1. Check the box on the Assignment Post that says  "Lock this assignment after its due date."
  2. After the Assignment's due, students will no longer be able to turn in the Assignment.

Note: Please make sure your time zone settings are set correctly so that it locks at the correct time.

If, once you have created your assignment, you would like to lock the assignment after its due date so that students cannot submit the assignment late, please follow these steps:

  1. Find the Assignment Post.
  2. Click the "Turned In" button to go to the Assignment Overview page.
  3. Click "Assignment Options" in the top right corner.
  4. Check or Uncheck the box for "Lock this assignment after its due date."

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Add to or Remove from the Progress Book

If, after you have created your assignment, you would like to either add the assignment to your Progress book or remove it from there, and have that change reflected in your students’ grade in the Progress book, please follow these steps:

  1. Find the Assignment Post.
  2. Click the "Turned In" button to go to the Assignment Overview page.
  3. Click "Assignment Options" in the top right.
  4. Check or Uncheck the box for "Viewable in gradebook."

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Instruct Students to submit an Assignment

After you have loaded and sent an Assignment to a Group or Groups, you'll need to teach your students how to complete and submit an Assignment. Have your students follow the steps below:

  1. Log in into their Edmodo Account.
  2. Select your Group from the left side panel and the student will see the Assignment in the Group Post Stream, or they can view the Assignment from their Latest Activity area in the Post Stream of their Homepage.
  3. Click the “Turn in" button located next to the due date to submit the Assignment.
  4. Attach the work and provide a comment/message if necessary.
  5. Click on the “ Turn in Assignment" button.

Note: If a student wants to resubmit an Assignment, they can use this same process to resubmit the assignment as many times as necessary, until you have graded it. Once you have graded the Assignment, you can also request that the student resubmit the assignment.

Are your students submitting image files for an Assignment?

Many teachers have their students submit image files for assignments on Edmodo. This is a great way to collect student work. However, when image files are attached to assignment submissions, their file size is reduced to increase the speed and performance of the upload, which can occasionally result in decreased or distorted image quality. If you would like to maintain the original file size and quality of the image, please see the solution below:

  • Students can upload their photos to an external hosting site, such as Flickr or Google Photos, and then attach the links to their images to their assignment submissions. This way, you can ensure that the students' submissions will not be distorted or reduced in quality.
  • Or, browse this list of other photo-sharing sites that you can use.

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Instruct Students to Resubmit an Assignment

Did one of your Students forget to attach a file to his or her Assignment? Or, did the Assignment not meet your expectations? Good news - You can now ask a Student to resubmit an Assignment through the click of a button!

To instruct a Student to resubmit an Assignment, follow the steps below:

  1. Click into the Assignment Post (Turned in [#].)
  2. Select the Student's name on the left sidebar.
  3. Click "Request Resubmission."
  4. Optional: Tell the Student why this Assignment needs to be resubmitted

After completing the steps above, the Student's grade automatically clears and the Student receives an in-product (bell) notification and email notification (depending the Student's email preferences) to resubmit the Assignment.

Note: Teachers can request resubmission, whether or not an Assignment has been turned in.

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Grade an Assignment

After your students have turned in Assignments, you will need to grade the Assignments.

  1. View the Assignment post in your Group or on your main Post Stream or find it in your notifications.
  2. Click the “Turned In" button located on the Assignment post to view a list of all work that needs grading. You will also receive an Alert in your Notifications section any time a student turns in an Assignment.
  3. Select a particular student’s name from the left panel to review the Assignment.
  4. Grade the Assignment by doing the following:
    1. Numerical Grade - type in the boxes at the top right (you can also change grade in the Progress book). Once you enter a denominator, that number will pre-populate in the denominator position for all assignments, however, it can be changed manually. If you prefer non-numerical grades you can enter them here as well. The numerator and denominator can be filled with any number, letter or combination of the two.
    2. Provide Feedback/Comment (optional) - type in the text box and attach a file, link or library document if necessary.
    3. Select “Grade" to submit the grade. Grades will remain editable.

Note: When a comment and/or grade is provided, students will receive a notification. You can also update students’ numerical grades directly from within the Progress Book. Assignments that are only assigned to individual students (not to entire groups) will not appear in the Progress Book. As a workaround, you can grade them using the steps above, then manually add them to the Progress Book.

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Grade Multiple Assignments at Once

To grade multiple Assignments at once, follow the steps below:

  1. Click into the Assignment Post (Turned in [#].)
  2. Within the Grading Overviewpage:
    • If you want to grade the whole Group at once, select the top check box.
    • If you want to grade a few Students within the Group, select the check box to the left of each Student name.
  3. Input the score on the top right and select "Grade (#) Submissions."

Note: Depending on the scenario (if you are overriding an existing grade, etc.) a warning pop-up may appear.

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Clear Multiple Assignment Grades at Once

To delete or clear multiple Assignments grades at once, follow the steps below:

  1. Click into the Assignment Post (Turned in [#].)
  2. Within the Overview page:
    • If you want to clear all Student Grades at once, select the top check box.
    • If you want to clear a select group of Students within the Group, select the check box to the left of each Student name.
  3. Delete any scores/numbers in the Gradebox on the top right and select "Clear [#] grades."
  4. Select "Yes" in the confirmation pop-up.

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Annotate an Assignment

Sometimes it is easier to annotate an Assignment to give your feedback rather than writing lengthy comments. Below you will find instructions on how to annotate a student's Assignment submission using Office Online.

  1. View the Assignment post in your Group or on your main Post Stream.
  2. Click the “Turned In" button located on the Assignment post to view a list of all work that needs grading. (You will also receive an alert in your Notifications section any time a student turns in an Assignment.)
  3. Select a particular student’s name from the left panel to review the Assignment.
  4. Select the “Open" button below the Assignment title in Office Online. 
  5. Click the "Edit in Browser" button within Office Online.

From here, it is possible to use Office Online and its features (comments, highlights, strikethrough, etc) to Annotate your Students' Assignments. 

Note: Only a Group Owner or Co-Teacher is able to Annotate an Assignment using Office Online. Office Online Annotations are only accessible with Office Online compatible files. 

For more information on how to Annotate/markup using Office Online, check out these Help Center articles:

Office Online Supported File Types for Viewing and for Annotating

Basic Tasks in Office Online

Add or Hide Comments in Office Online

Apply Strikethrough Formatting

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See Assignment overview with all Students’ grades

If you want to see an overview of all of your students' grades on an Assignment, please follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Assignment post and click "Turned In."
  2. Click on the blue "All Submissions" link underneath the Assignment title.
  3. All of your students' grades on the Assignment will be displayed.

Note: To grade an individual student's assignment, click on their name in the student list on the left panel. Students who have not had their assignment graded will show up in blue. You can also sort this list by "Ungraded," "Graded," or "Not Turned In," by using the dropdown menu at the top of the list.

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Add Assignments and grades to Progress book manually

While you can choose to add the Assignments you create in Edmodo to the Progress Book, we know not all assignments will be Posted using Edmodo.

To add grades for Assignments not posted through Edmodo, do the following:

  1. Select the “New Grade" button at the top left corner of the Progress Book page.
  2. Provide the title of the Assignment and the total number of points possible for that Assignment. If you are using non-numerical grade scales, you can input any number or letter here or leave it blank.
  3. Click "Create Grade."
  4. A new grade column will be added - it will be blank since the results don't come from Edmodo. You can add grades manually by clicking on the blank grade area for the student and typing in the grade.

Note: Assignments sent to individual students must be added manually.

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Once you have completed your Assignment, you can turn it in by following the steps below.

To locate your Assignment:

  1. Click the "Filter posts by" link at the top right of your "Latest Posts" area and choose Assignments to find the Assignment.
  2. Locate the Assignment Post and click the “Open Assignment” button on the Assignment OR locate the Assignment in the Assignment Center and click  Turn in.”

Important Assignment information, like the due date, Assignment description, and any attachments will be displayed on the right side panel. 

To turn in your Assignment:

  1. Click the Add Text Response”button and type in your response in the provided text box.
  2. To add an attachment, click the Attach”drop down menu and select a File from Computer, Link from WebFile from Backpack, or File from Google Drive.
  3. To send a comment to your Teacher, click the link underneath the Assignment submission area to open the Comments section.
  4. When you are ready to submit, click on “Submit Assignment.”

After you have turned in an Assignment and your teacher has graded it, you can view your grade.

Note: If you need to resubmit an Assignment, you can do so only if your teacher allows this. Once your teacher has graded the Assignment, you are unable to resubmit the Assignment, unless the teacher clears the grade first.

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