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Footnote to the Youth

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I. Write on the blank in Column A the letter corresponding to the word in Column B that is synonymous to the word in Column A.

Column A Column B

II. Checking One’s Understanding Answer the following questions.

1. What made Dodong feel that he was no longer a boy but a man?
Dodong made him feel that he was no longer a boy but a man when he started to have pimples on his face and his upper lip already was dark(indicates mustache). 2. Does manhood consists only of physical appearance? Defend your answer.

No,manhood does not only consist…show more content…

An that's what youth gives us, to be prepare an ready for the futures. In Filipino proverbs "Ang pag-aasawa ay di parang kanin na pag isinubo at mainit ay iluluwa" And yes it is true that regret always at the end"Ang pagsisisi ay laging nasa huli". But we can avoid it if we only know how to decie things properly.Always remember, you can't brings back the time. 8. What message does the author wish to convey to the youth of today?

Do'nt rush things"Ang maglakad ng matulin kung matinik ay malalim. Early marriage can result into failures in anyone's life" Ang pag-aasawa ay di parang kanin na pag isinubo at mainit ay iluluwa". Marrige can wait, there is always a right time for everything and once you decie and failed, you can never control the time to come back again an changed. Regrets comes last. Don't sacrifice your youth for the sake of being inlove. Youth is not the time to make har and fast decisions,this is the time to dream big, the time to fin ourselves,the time for improvements, to mold ourselves into something that will make us prepared and ready for whatever futures brings to the table.And follow your parent's advice because they've been there, done that(Papunta pa lang kayo, pabalik na kami). And no parents want their chilren to be in wilderness and they only wants what what's the best for us.


Write a monologue on any one of the following situations.

a. Blas telling his

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Many parents today are not in favor of early marriage, this is because they know that married life is difficult. It’s true that most of the teenagers today who got married are experiencing hardships in life. Footnote to youth is the title of the story. It is said that it is a footnote to youth because it is a brief reminder for the Filipinos especially the youth of what a real life could be today. It also indicates the sources or the causes why youth act this way. It furthermore adds comment, whether it is a positive or negative, on today’s generation. Yes it is suitable to the story because it gives a warning for those apathetic youth that one’s committed mistake because of their stubbornness. The story is all about Dodong who got married despite of his father’s objection.

His love with Teang made him decide to get married even he is only seventeen. The series of events in the story was in causal order that made the story very clear in the mind of the readers. It explains well the reason and cause that forced Dodong to act as he does which also affects the development of the main character’s personality. The psychological setting changes as it affects the character’s personality in the story. When Dodong was young he thought he’s right in insisting to get married with Teang even both of them are still young. But he started to understand things that should not be when Teang gave birth to their first child, Blas. He was ashamed to his parents of his youthful paternity. The conflict made the story very interesting because it’s when both Dodong and Teang realized that they shouldn’t get married early.

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